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About Us
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Founded from its inception in 1987, Ancore-Chiou Ent. Co., Ltd. has held both the spirit of customer first to serve customers and the faith of quality assurance to satisfy customers. Ancore-Chiou Ent. Co., Ltd. started with mainly manufacturing variety of rhythmic gymnastics supplies, including gymnastics ribbon, soft ball, rope, club, hoop, etc. At Ancore-Chiou Ent. Co., Ltd., customers come first. We can gratify different requirements for any product our customers need. Quality assurance is our most basic and most important core value. To go through with the principle and to achieve the ultimate goal of Zero defect, the processes and formulae of manufacturing each product have always been controlled strictly.

Based on deep and enduring relationships with our customers, who trust and rely on us in rhythmic gymnastics supplies, we have unceasingly developed diverse rhythmic gymnastics peripheral products for several years to expand more services to our customers. Our products can be divided into several categories as follows:

1.The products for pre-school children:
Infant brain-activated training, sensory integration training, balance wheel training, balance beam-round training, baby safety toys for pacifying babies, etc.

2.For the youth and adults:
The following supplies are suitable for the youth and adults to build up their health:
adjustable agility ladder, adult balance training, balance cushion exerciser, aerobic boards, yogic supplies, muscle and chest fly products (Tubing with safety sleeves), massage products, hoops, Chinese yo-yo, acrobatic products, foam roller.

3.For the elderly and the injured:
Rehabilitation appliances.

We have developed new products and taken out many patents on them above. With the constant growth in developing experiences for our development team, we strive to create new environmental friendly, non-toxic products and some supplies, such as balance cushion, made of non-toxic materials (PVC-FREE), are now presented to the public.

On the basis of both the highly reliance on and a high opinion of our products from our customers over years, our development team will make every effort to offer much the best devices --- Zero-defect in everything we make and to give even more services to our customers.

If you need the further information about our products, please browse through our website or contact us soon.